Welcome to the Mendeley API Blog!

The Mendeley API provides the developer community access to the crowd-sourced and aggregated data in Mendeley’s research catalog.

The initial version of the API has been a fantastic success, in terms of provoking interest and spawning some great clients, from mobile Mendeley clients such as Papership or Scholarley,  to some great ideas that Mendeley could never exploit internally, such as openSNP or KinSync.

We the Mendeley team wanted to create this blog for sharing some of our insights in developing a REST API along with keeping you updated with new features and ways of working with our fantastic new API.

It’s been about a month since we released our new developer portal and our new and improved API and it has been very well received. New signups have doubled and we have been busy working on integrating feedback from clients as well as working on new features such as library search, ability to follow users and improvements to our metadata extraction.

Here is some of the features of the new API:-

  • Scalable
  • Annotations
    • personal and group annotations now made available
  • Delta calls on all most endpoints so you retrieve what has changed or what has been deleted
  • Improved metadata lookup
    • New catalog with advanced document clustering and trust hierarchies, more than 100 million unique documents covering published and unpublished literature
  • Allow comprehensive access to user libraries and the Mendeley catalog
    • it’s now possible to download files from documents in the Mendeley catalog (subject to copyright restrictions).
  • New developer portal

We are looking forward to sharing more with you as we strive to move from the beta to version 1 later in the year. Remember to check back here for further updates on progress.

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About Joyce-Stack - Developer Outreach

Joyce Stack completed a BSc. (Hons) Computer Science from The Open University while working in a startup in Co. Cork, Ireland. She moved to London in 2005 to join one of the City’s leading exponents of agile techniques at that time to work as a Java Developer. She is now working in the Developer Outreach role in Mendeley where her responsibilities are to meet and educate developers about the Mendeley API, attend conferences, meetups and hackathons and basically be the face of the API. She is passionate about providing an excellent developer experience and APIs. She likes biking, swimming and yoga but she hates potatoes despite being Irish.