Linking to the Mendeley web catalog

A small change to announce today, but one that a number of you have been asking for.

Catalog documents returned from the API now include a “link” field, containing the URL of the document’s page on the Mendeley website.  You can use this to provide links from your application to the Mendeley catalog.

For example, a call to:


will return the following response:

    "id": "6a0ceb1d-0fed-3393-b12b-edb6d9baa7b1",
    "title": "MapReduce for the Cell Broadband Engine Architecture",
    "link": "",

    // more fields

The link goes to this page, which is the paper’s page in the Mendeley web catalog.  Links are also included in the catalog search API.

We hope you find this useful! Please get in touch if you have any questions or if there’s anything else you’d like to see.

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About Matt Thomson

Matt Thomson is one of the developers of the Mendeley API. After graduating with an MMath from the University of Cambridge, he moved to London to join a telecommunications software provider, before joining the platform team at Mendeley. Matt's a big fan of live comedy, and performed improvised comedy for a number of years, most notably at the Edinburgh Fringe with London's Fat Kitten Improv. He also enjoys exploring London's green spaces and pubs, and is a long-suffering follower of Scunthorpe United.