Retirement Plans for the OAPI

On the 18th of September we announced version 1 of our new API.

This API replaces the previous API, often referred to as the OAPI or “Open API”.

Now the time has to come to turn our attention to the retirement of the OAPI. This email is a friendly reminder that you should begin planning your migration to our new API as soon as possible.

We have not picked a date yet and will shortly publish a timeline of activities. Nobody should be surprised when we do finally turn it off as we will do our best to keep you involved via Twitter (@mendeleyAPI) and here on our blog.

Also, check out our SDKs over on our GitHub account as they demonstrate how to use the API and should help you get started easily enough. Full documentation available on the developer portal.

If you have any concerns about the migration onto the new API then please get in touch with the team at

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