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About David Ingram

David's background is a mix between working in the computer industry and academia. He has a PhD in operating systems, post doc research in distributed systems and has worked for AT&T Labs and Google. His role at Mendeley is to look at the API from both backend and client perspectives, making sure the most important client needs are met while keeping the backend well structured.

Early access Android SDK

To make the API simpler to use for developers targetting Android, we have been working on a SDK. Today we’re making available a public early access release of this.

The Android SDK is hosted on GitHub:

It takes care of authentication, provides model objects and packages most of the API calls into convenient methods.

For more details look at the README file and the Javadoc.

As this is an alpha release we are going to be making plenty of changes, improving robustness and adding functionality over the coming weeks and months, so be aware that this is a work in progress.

We would love to hear your feedback, which you can send to