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Changes and Diffs Tabs Now Available on our Swagger Explorer

Communicating changes of APIs to clients is notoriously difficult. Even if you call each client individually, email them, knock on their doors and fly planes with banners in the sky then there will always be someone that says “I didn’t see it”.  Communicating change is notoriously difficult but we thought that adding tabs with ‘Changes’ and ‘Diffs’ may help with diagnosing problems.

Initially we rolled this out internally and it’s proven popular with our developers so we have now made it available to all of you.

For example, if you take the image below then you will see what has changed between ‘8th February’ and Now you will see the difference that our datasets endpoint has had some query parameters added and one removed.  Try it out for yourself on our Swagger explorer. Feedback always welcome. 

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 15.30.39 (2).png